Carpets and Drapes


In this day and age if some one has to be warned or be reminded not to film themselves having sex, there is serious void of common sense and morals in the world at the moment. There is even a book being published by Penguin Books called Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media The excerpt from the book gives you quite a few helpful hints.

Im not profession to be a sanctimonious naysayer at all Im just currently in complete shock over the fact that people need to be reminded that this “may not be a good idea.” Of course its not a bloody good idea, good grief!

The headlines across the world at the moment is dominated by the nude photos of celebrities, including the likes of Jennifer Lawrence et al and their complete disbelief that this leak could have ever happened? Really ladies, come on? You are constantly in the eye of the media all over the world and all the time surely at some point they are going to find those nudie pictures of you… why? Because you took them of yourself and because sex sells and will always sell. Now because you wanted to send your B/F a sexy photo, the whole world knows if the carpet matches the drapes.

Over the years there have been a number of sex tapes leaked, I think that Paris Hilton and Kim “Whatsherface” also has one and I think that there are a few other as well in her name, but surely over the last few years with the advancement in technology people should realize that nothing is safe anymore, not your private pictures saved in the “Cloud” and especially on an SD card which is in your ex boyfriends possession. In other words, come on ladies if are having a sexual relationship with someone why on earth would you need a video camera in the room as well?


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