Musing of a Mom, Wife and a Writer rolled into one!
I’m the mom who is always rushing off in one directions and it seems that my son, Daniel, has inherited those traits. So I write about him, our lives and our history. Although I work full time, I try spend as much time writing as possible.

I am the author of the children’s book series called The Adventures of Daniel and Tasco, based on the gallivanting of my son Daniel and his German Shepherd friend Tasco.  People’s  journey to writing has always been such an inspiration and it was always my dream to write about my own life and thoughts so I made it happen!


I’m truly blessed with an amazing family who have supported my every decision, for which I am very grateful. I tend to speak my mind more often than not but most of my posts are based on my experience through life as a mom, wife, career women and being an expat. I often write about South Africa (where I am from) and Dubai, (where we live now).  I really hope that you enjoy my posts and please feel free to leave comments.. love comments 🙂


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