Clearing out all the cobwebs

Because we can!

Because we can!

Wow, time flies! It has been nearly four months since I last theoretically picked up the pen and wrote my last blog piece and the scary thing was that it was not intentional. Life just got so busy that when I cleared the gunk out of my eyes and we were barreling through September. In the meantime we have survived another summer in Dubai, barely but we survived and that is all that matters. My toddler started FS1 and we happily adopted a puppy called hunter, but I believe that each of those happenings deserves an article on their own. Today is about finding my stride and remembering why I really enjoyed blogging in the first place. I have missed having somewhere to put my thoughts down on to paper and knowing that there was nothing bottled up in side me but also it gave me great satisfaction knowing that I was not the only one out there who was going through the same thing. Being an expat blogger opens you up to a wider community of like minded bloggers, not only from your home country but much farther afield and strewn across the globe.

I have loved having comments from readers as far flung as Greenland, Croatia, The Cayman Islands and China just to mention a few. While for the seasoned blogger this is an everyday occurrence, for first timers like me it was amazing.  I have loved being able to write about watching South Africa from an inside/ outside perspective, being a proud South Africa with a strong tie to the country but not living there has given we a fresh perspective on how the country works. While it was opened me up to negative comments it has also made me realize that the country still has so much to offer the world, there are still people who believe in the countries success story, and can see through the mess of the current politics.

So Im hoping that today’s post is going to trigger a steady flow of great new pieces that can bring me back to the love of the art without the doubt of what people may think or misinterpretation of particular articles. So here is to the new and improved and here is to a bit of spring cleaning!


6 thoughts on “Clearing out all the cobwebs

  1. Well done on making time to write again. Unlike you, I’m a spanking new blogger (who has wanted to do this for the past two years but has been putting off…out of fear I think). It’s silly right. There’s a saying from another fellow South African (Siya Xuza) that “if you do what you love, the world will love you for it.” So, thanks again for taking up your blogging tools. Will be on the lookout for your material.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Welcome to the blogging world, its a very rewarding and sometimes exhausting experience. Good luck with your new blog, Im going to pop over there now to check it out! Have a lovely day!

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