Lamb chops in the desert


The summer months in Dubai can easily be described as hell on earth because the temperatures soar to the high forties and sometimes low fifty degrees Celsius and it becomes the time of the year where families either leave the country or become hermits because being outside is just impossible.

Needless to say, summer is settling in on the UAE and the last few days have been scorching. I am the type of person who is built for winter, Im quite happy being in the Eastern Free State in the depth of winter but I do not fare so well in the summer heat. I tend to feel like Im completely hyper ventilating and this leads to me hiding away in the comfort of my AC. But this is not fair on my toddler who loves being outside no matter the heat, even though as a parent we only let him outside for long periods of time in the early mornings and the late evenings and he hates it. So we set up splash pools in the garden shade (well in what little garden we have) and open a door to make sure he gets a waft of AC.

Yesterday morning was one of those very hot ones and I had resigned myself to an afternoon on the couch and catching up on recorded series when a friend of mine called to say that her and her family where heading out into the desert to find the Oryx pools not far from where we lived. I will admit that I was very reluctant to head out into the scorching desert with a toddler and his two cousins but in the interest of letting them burn off steam, off we went.

IMG_7836 IMG_7845

We drove past our usual spot and headed further into the sand than we usually would venture in my KIA Sorento but my little car surprised me again and we zooted through the sandy spots without any trouble. And to my surprise we found ourselves in a little oasis that was truly jaw dropping. In all the years that we have lived in Dubai, we have yet to find such a charming little spot for some R&R and the kids absolutely loved it. Before long the braai was on and the kids were splashing around in the water.  As we settled under the shade of the trees and listened to the bird life around us, it reminded me that us expat often take the UAE for granted and don’t look beyond the sand to find the natural beauty that is waiting over the next sand dune. Or you could land up like some over the other 4×4 vehicles that got themselves very stuck! But it is worth taking the risk because the story and the memories that you make will outweigh the moments of having to push your car out the sand.

IMG_7845 IMG_7864

So as the sun set on another weekend in Dubai, we snacked on our lamb choppies and gave thanks that we could share such a lovely moment with our friends and family.

IMG_7957 IMG_7958


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