A change for me, for a change!


I was asked an interesting question this week and I was not sure how to answer it because after all is said and done we all have those topics which we avoid or choose not to write about. This maybe about family, friends of relationship issues and I am rather disappoint in myself because when I started blogging, it was not to allow people to mold my opinion about the things that happen around me but rather to share my experience and opinions with like minded people.

The problem has crept into to my life where there are so many things now that I’m avoiding writing about for the fear of what someone might think and this is not something I have ever been concerned about in my life. Obviously I’m not setting out to discredit or intentionally hurt other people but at some point in your life you are going to upset someone, somewhere not matter how hard you try to be objective. But is this not what life is about in the first place, accepting others choices and learning to live and let live?

Many people are sitting reading this and nodding their heads but the age old saying pops into my head “Its easier said than done” because whether we will admit it or not we all love a bit of drama in our lives. That drama may be a simple juicy piece of gossip or it may be a full blown scandal. According to my hubby I tend to attract the latter, I may not be searching for it but it certainly knows how to find me. We used to have this saying about a girl who I was at school with and it went “A day without drama is a day wasted” and reminiscing about this got me thinking about how I would like to change the cycle of the constant need to be involved in other peoples lives and business. Surely, I have enough things on my plate without having to deal with someone else’s. The answer to that is a very simply one, of course! Between work, a toddler and a marriage (they are not ranked in importance) where do we find the time to be pulled into the dramas of friends?

I started 2015 with a few resolutions but I certainly have a few more now and I don’t think that the 1st week of February is too late to start them either because I think that late is better than never in most circumstances. So I quietly raise my raise to say goodbye to the drama and the toxin that follows closely behind. Here is to my new road and the excitement that it brings!


3 thoughts on “A change for me, for a change!

  1. That’s a good resolution. Good luck 🙂 I try and avoid drama myself but I think I am a sucker for gossip which is probably bad.

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