Finally the sun came out!

Christmas day came and went in Sri Lanka and the weather certainly followed suit and after many nights of playing Monopoly and card games galore, it finally happened! The sun came out and the best part about that was that it was here to stay.


After a fantastic breakfast, well sort out. One thing that Passikudah does have in abundance is crows. Many of them! And boy they LOVE human food and they are brazen as well. If the kids are playing out on the lawn you had best make sure that they are not carrying any type of bread of fruit with them because the crows would swoop down on them and grab it out their hands. This morning the crows were out in full force and we finally discovered that the only thing that would get them to leave you alone was to through ice at them! But nothing could dampen the sun shine and soon we hit the pool.


Now I seem to have many nemesis’s in my life but one really sticks out and that is the sun. My fair lily white skin is no match for the harsh rays of the burning sun and year after year when we go on holiday I tend to forget this and in my defense I did put sun screen on, just not enough. But in the mean time I was happily frolicking in the water with the toddlers, enjoying the amazing pool! The morning faded into the afternoon and we moved towards the shade where the kids could play some more.

Panorama of the Swimming Pool

It was while I was sitting on the lounger catching up on my Game of Thrones book that I started to feel the tell tale twinge of sun burn creeping up on me. I didn’t think to much of it and we went for a walk on the beach at sun set and I then started to feel the heat radiate off of my tummy. I went and stood in from of the mirror in the bathroom and I was not just sun but but I was glowing bright red and to make it worse, it was only one half of my body! I dashed to the gift shop to buy some after sun but I knew in the back of my brain that this was not going to work, it was too late to try escape the discomfort that was going to ensue for the next few days.  As the next few hours ticked by I realized the extent of the damage and even though we had been constantly putting sunscreen on the kids, poor Daniel’s shoulders where very sunburnt as well. My hubby was pretty peeved at me as well and I cant blame him, he know had two lobsters (well 1 and a bit) and was having to constantly put after sun on everyone.

This is not me but it looks really similar!

This is not me but it looks really similar!

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen (for Daniel, Im allergic) and Panadol for me otherwise Im sure that we would have not gotten any sleep that night. So I have a few tips for everyone on how to handle a sun burnt toddler while trying to keep him off of your own sunburn.


1. Moisturize – bath in after sun, yet fill up that bath tub and immerse yourself in the creamy liquid, ok that may not be possible but you get me drift, put as much after sun that you have on as often as possible.

2. Hydrate – Drink lots of water, and no wine does not count, although I wish it did. Try getting an electrolyte replacement drink in to them as well.

3. Don’t wait to medicate – There is no shame in giving your kids a bit of a pain killer as soon as you see signs of sunburn and keep it up for the next 48 hours, it helps with the swelling and redness that is going to occur.

4. Stay out of the sun the next day – or wear a proper scratch vest and a large hat to keep the sun from doing more damage.

5. Don’t be afraid to take your toddler to the doctor – if you feel that his sunburn is very bad, take him to the emergency room, don’t second guess yourself because as his parents it is your job to make sure he is going to be ok. (thankfully in this case, Daniel just had sunburn on his shoulders and didn’t need to see the doctor)

Needless to say, I stayed out of the sun for the remainder of the holiday, making sure I stayed under the umbrella when we were at the pool and had a hat on for our adventures. After 298 years once would think that I had leant my lesson but apparently not and so I suffered, yet again, from the school girl error of not applying enough sunscreen!


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