Holiday Relaxation

After our adventurous journey to our hotel in Passikudah, it can go without saying that when the sun set that evening our family was not far out of bed. We all settled in for the night and after what felt like 5 minutes of sleep we woke up with the sun fighting to get through the heavy curtains and to our amazement with was 10:00 in the morning and our toddler was still sleeping. We were tempted to roll over and go back to sleep but hunger motivated us to start moving. Daniel must have felt the same and was soon bouncing towards to breakfast station.


With the sleep and yesterdays journey rubbed out of my eyes, I was able to appreciate the natural beauty around us. The beach undulated for as far as the eyes could see, and even though the water was murky due to the on going rains one could understand why this area was known for its amazing diving spots. Strangely though there was only one table at breakfast and we quickly learnt that many of the intended guests had not been as brave as we had been and decided to rather stay at home than tackle the roads to get to the hotel. So there we sat our two families and another table being waited on by staff meant for 100 guests. It was bizarre but it was rather fun. We would, subsequently, get to know the staff very well in the next few days. The rain had abated for now so we decided to take advantage of the weather and visit a near by Coconut plantation and explore the area.



Tuk Tuk

We had come prepared for the flood after all and with flooding becomes lots of water and with water comes the dreaded mosquitoes! Just before we left Dubai I went to the local Adventure HQ and stocked up on mozzie repellant that the cashier must have thought we where heading in the wild malaria filled jungles of Africa.  But I have a toddler who does not react very well to mozzie bites and often swells up in horrible welts when he is bitten so prevention is far better than a cure in this case. I did find out though that I had bought a repellant for an infestation but it served us well!



The coconut plantation was still a very young operation with many different varieties of fruit trees and vegetation growing amongst the coconut trees and if we ever decided we wanted to make a living processing coconuts my hubby has all the info that we need! I will be honest and say I lost interest pretty early on in the lecture but the guide was very passionate about his work and the growing of the trees. The toddlers were far more interested in the fact they had just been in a Tuk Tuk for the first time and both of them totally loved it!! After two hours of wondering around the Coconut plantation the adults were parched and ready for a bevvie or three so we hopped back in to the Tuk Tuks and off we went to a near by hotel for refreshments! The Malu Malu Beach resort was amazing, made out of recycled natural materials and it had chalets dotted long the coast line. I might add that they made a seafood platter to die for.

family 2Coconut







As we sat and looked out on to the beach the kids took off towards the waves and the adults followed to keep an eye on them, and as our toes sunk beneath the white sands we realized how incredibly fortunate we were to be able to expose our children to different countries and cultures.

Malu Malu3Malu Malu

We know many people who have never travelled their whole lives and here we have two toddlers below the age of three who are seasoned travelers and will grow up knowing the world is actually not such a vast expanse any more and I hope that as they grow u they remember the moments of laughter and joy of discovering the unknown and this guides them through their lives and to remember to never be afraid to explore the unbeaten track because that is where they will find their treasures.

Malu Malu 2Malu Malu 3


7 thoughts on “Holiday Relaxation

  1. I can identify with the mozzie problem even though we are back in SA. I am smearing him with a balm from ah lief.
    Sounds like you are giving your kids a global perspective 🙂

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