Twas the night before Christmas


The month leading up to Christmas always seems to gallop along at an almighty speed, one because everyone has realized that the year is coming to an end and two, because families are in a dead panic trying to find the perfect gifts for partner, kids, aunts twice removed and so on. Yet, in the chaos of it all, have we truly lost the meaning of what this time if the year is really about. Unfortunately the resounding answer to this is, yes. Here we sit in the middle of Dubai, and everywhere you go, shopping malls, coffee shops or even the petrol stations they are blaring Christmas carols like the first Noel where the singer is proclaiming that born is the King of Israel (again we live in the Middle East) and it got me to thinking that while we run around our busy lives, we have no idea what is going on around us. We rush from pillar to post, taking kids to school concerts and end of year parties but at no point to we stop to think that there is a lot more to life than what we are doing at the moment. I saw a very poignant heading the other day that struck me because it is exactly where I feel like me life is heading at the moment. It read, I was not born to pay bills and die. after reading this I immediate stopped for a moment and sat staring into the abyss that  this is what my hubby and I are doing, we are running our lives like it is a factory, our days have to the minute starting times, lunch times are at the exact time every day, school drop off, meeting after meeting and even our bed times are so routine, bedtime has become boring. So I would like to raise a toast to 2015, I dare say you are going to be a challenging year but we are ready to face you head on as a year where we learnt to step further out of our comfort zone, try and travel to new destinations, finally become landowners (we are half way there) and perhaps add to our family but I want to enjoy every moment of the year to come with my partner in crime, my son and our friends along the way because changes are afoot in our lives and we need to take the bull by the horns. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas from the Daniel & Tasco family, our next blog posting will be done from the distant shores of Sri Lanka and I will be having a cocktail on you all.


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