This is a very scary reality for most women in the world at the moment. But lets learn for people who have been subjected to this horrible abuse to ensure that it does not happen to anyone we know.

The Mother Load

Cyber stalkerI have been slightly scarce for a while (understatement). I make no apologies for this. It turns out that my privacy has been violated with the sole intention to gain access to every detail of my activities with malicious intent.

Let’s get real here; I am not famous, nor wealthy, nor heir to something more desirable than a plastic sock. Hell – I’m not even officially young and up-and-coming by statistical measures. How is it possible that a person’s far-less-than-Wisteria-Lane existence could even be of interest to anyone with a life worth living? I was absolutely stunned by the revelation that I was being “followed” for quite a couple of months now.

The reality  is that I have been pretty active on social media for a number of years now. I first went “social” on the YB Mother’s Forum some 9 years ago – never posted photos, was ultra cautious with…

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