The Twilight of my Twenties

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It was my birthday yesterday and I faced turning 28 with a brave start to my day until someone asked me how it felt to be entering to slippery slope of the twilight of my twenties. In all honesty, it has probably been one of my harder birthdays to celebrate, mostly because I have always been the baby of my friendship group and all of a sudden I have been forced to realize that I really am not 24 any more. My hubby turned the proverbial 3Oh last year and is taking his thirties by the horns. Many of the moms in my circle roll their eyes at me when I tell them how old I am but truthfully little do they know that although I’m a happy and content person very few people know how hard I have had to fight to get to where I am today.

So as I enter the twilight of my Twenties I have a few nuggets of advice to share, these are in no particular order but they are important lessons that I have had to learn the hard way.

1. This to Shall Pass – No matter how hard life seems at that one moment, remember that tomorrow is an opportunity for you to make it better, it is your choice to pick yourself up off the floor and make a difference. If you cant make this decision yourself then there are very few people in this world who will make the effort to help you. Show willingness and there will be a helping hand.

2. Friendship We all need someone in our lives to share moments of happiness of sorrow or just a glass of wine, after all no man is an island. Although making friends may be daunting for some it will be worth it in the end!

3. Family – You may not like some of them but they are there to be a support to you and it is your choice to accept and choose who you want to help you but they are your blood and they do love you!

4. The sins of the father – Yes, your parents may have made some serious mistakes in their lives but those choices and mistakes do not have to be your mistakes or excuses in life. You are free to make your own choices and write your own history but you have the luxury of learning from their mistakes and realizing that you have the right to make your own mistakes. You can choose which traits of your parents to inherited and you choose which you would like to do away with.

5. Sunscreen – Always wear sunscreen!

6. Accept help – Don’t be the stubborn person that does not accept help from those around you. I was terrible up until a few years ago, people come into your life to help ease the burden that you hoist on to your shoulders. Yes, you made your bed and you need to lie in it but if you keep pushing people away, one day you are going to turn around when you need them the most on you will be standing on your own.  

7. The world is not against you – This is life, it is hard! It does not mean the world and all its inhabitants are against you, it is just testing you to see how well you can bend and bounce.

8. Entitlement – No, you are not automatically entitled to all the worlds riches, its up to you to work hard enough to earn them. Whether you are from a wealthy background or from a disadvantaged life, it is your choice to get out of bed every morning and work to earn your way through this life.

9. Relationships – Love; love fiercely and with all your heart and soul and preferably more than once in your life. Be honest, not just with your partner but to yourself as well, this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

10. Enjoy the journey – This is the only life you are given, use every opportunity that comes your way. Travel while you can and remember that your body and hangover bounce back much quicker when you are young than as you get older.

But most importantly, be grateful for the small mercies in life. Traverse your life with grace, never forget your roots, they have shaped your life and influence who you are today. So here is looking into the face of my thirties, with slight trepidation but knowing that Im fully equipped to brace for the impact with bells on!




9 thoughts on “The Twilight of my Twenties

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Mine is around the corner too and it is scaring me to be honest. I couldn’t remember whether I’m turning 35 or 36 but my colleague was very happy to calculate it for me 😦 Honestly…. I especially like lesson 7 and 10. So true.

  2. Happy happy Bday you youngster! Enjoy – I am in my naughty fourties and having fun. And I love your list – I think the youth of today really need to know about entitlement – I think that is their biggest problem

    • Thanks so much!! I struggle with people with that sense of entitlement, although I’m young I have an old soul and I really wish there where more youngsters out there today willing to work for what they want!!

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