Running for your life

Hey Diddle Diddle

How often during your day do you want to drop everything that you are currently juggling and literally run for your life? Not because you are scared or fearful of what it to come but because you want to run from what is holding you back from living the life you dream of? Is the impulse to run an inherent one or is it something that is a learnt behavior that we dreamed about in our lives as a stop button when things just get to hectic? Don’t get me wrong, Im not talking about my family or the personal life, its more about the professional pressure that I have put myself under and lately I have been thinking to myself whether it is all worth in, is the time away from my family and son worth the time that I spend in the office? Is it worth the cash to be spending months away from our families as an expat worth it? Emotionally the answer is, of course, no but financially the answer is yes, because at the end of the day we are able to afford the lifestyle that we are living at the moment, we have been able to purchase or dream property back in our home country. But at what point do both answers become no, what then?

While I sat in a management meeting this morning, my publishers called to discuss a new marketing campaign for my book and when I was unable to answer the call, they called again and again until I have 14 missed calls from them in a space of 15 mins with 14 voice mails. Thank goodness for the silent option on my cell phone but it nearly drove me insane. After my meeting had concluded I called them back and asked what on earth possessed them to call me so many times? Their answer? Oh we thought it was really important and we thought it would get you to pick up if we called so often. It is not the first time this has happened and quite frankly it is making me think that I need to switch publishers. For some unknown reason they think that Im a SAHM who has nothing better to do with her time than sit around waiting for them to call me. (That is not a jibe at SAHM, rather an actual view of who my publisher really thought I was) While I love writing my books and enjoyed the process of having them published, I was less impressed with the post publication issues and it was caused me to rethink the possibility of book number 3 and 4.

It made me think that my time is actually valuable not just to me, but my company as well as my family and friends and my resolve for the day is to ensure that I am going to use it wisely and sparingly on what matters the least to me at the moment. So take your time to sit and think about where you time could be better spent, allocate it accordingly and don’t look back, I would far rather regret the things I did than those I didn’t do or missed out on because I didn’t have the time.


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