Don’t make hormonal decisions!


Every morning should start with at least one chuckle, either at yourself or at an external situation. While living in the Middle East I often find more than one thing to chuckle or shake my head at. This morning I had a “Face Palm” moment which turned into my morning chuckle.

Dr. Maryam Matar, a trained physician and chairman and founder of UAE Genetic Diseases Association shared the secrets of her success at the Business Summit in Dubai yesterday, and telling leading business women in the Emirates not to make important decisions while menstruating. I nearly choked on my morning coffee to be honest.She went on to say that most the of the business decisions she regretted, where made during her first few days of her period due to her  estrogen levels. She says that due to the high levels of estrogen in your body we are unable to control our selves and cannot control our anger , therefore we should drink green tea to calm ourselves down and refrain from making any business decision and board meeting until you are off your cycle. She went on to say that “By the way even there was a very nice study in Dubai Court where they noticed most of the divorce happens during the menstruation time”

Im not sure if I should be horrified that she thinks that every women in Dubai has the luxury of postponing her life and business for a period of 5-7 days due to hormone levels or insulted that she thinks we are incapable to conducting ourselves professionally during this monthly occurrence. Surely after millennia of women surviving this natural process of our bodies, we should be able to recognize the correct business decision, period or no period.

But my favourite part of her speech was this little nugget, “And if you are inviting your mother-in-law anytime during the month…try to avoid inviting your mother-in-law during your first day of your period. You will end up not a quality or a lovely time with her which will end up having a very bad time with your husband.” And as it always is, it is all about the husband!

Ok yes, I concede that at times us women, can be raging bulls in a china store due to our hormones at times but we have developed a sense of the “right time and place” work and home are two different environments and I have learnt how to ensure the two don’t spill over into each other, especially when it come to compartmentalizing. There will always to an overflow, whether it is rushing off to do the school pick up or to a parent teacher conference but going ballistic at my boss or clients while menstruating has yet to happen, green tea or not.

So husbands, bosses and boyfriends around the world, gird your loins, rush out to buy a truck load of green tea (don’t forget the chocolate) because here come the hormone crazed ladies in your life! (Just incase you want to read the article)


11 thoughts on “Don’t make hormonal decisions!

  1. Reblogged this on iolandebaker and commented:
    Ahhh… Scientific proof that women should hide away in a cave for 5-7 days each month…
    And what if you can’t stand the taste of green tea, if I may ask?

    Haha Nicky – thanks for the morning chuckle.

    And then I’d like to add, I would have expected these kind of comments from a man, not a woman.

    Hope this makes at least one more person laugh today 🙂

  2. lol I have to say that much to my feminist chagrin I agree with the learned lady.I am 56 and now in menopause. I have had many years in which to observe this hormonal state in myself and the women around me. If women were more aware of their cycles and tended the hormonal fluctuations it could be managed, but most women do not! Hormones make you crazy, they just do.


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