A Matter of Opinion

Copy write Zapiro

Copy write Zapiro

Over the past 18 months the Oscar Pistorius case has seen it’s ups and downs, which culminated in OP being found guilty of Culpable Homicide. Across the world there was a wave of huge disappointment at the verdict handed out by the judge on the case which in turn turned thousands of people into legal experts over night. Some of these people include the legendary Mr. Donald Trump. Being who I am, I followed the case as closely as I could from the comfort of my couch in Dubai as did the rest of the world and due to the evidence given by the prosecution I was not all to surprised by the verdict handed down in this case because the onus is on the state to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt which they did not.

Just because I was not surprised does not mean that I do not believe that Pistorius is not guilty, it purely means that the prosecution failed to prove to the court that he premeditated the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Yesterday I read in the news that June Steenkamp is in the process of publishing a tell all book regarding Reeva’s death and for the first time I took to twitter, which was perhaps not the best platform to use, to express my disbelief that her family are profiting from Reeva’s death.


As a mother I will never discount her horror at losing her daughter or her right to mourn her death but I do believe that any person’s death should be treated with dignity, whether she was murdered by a famous ParaOlympian or not. Due to this my remark I have had quiet a bit of feedback on Twitter, but not from the South African community but rather from users from America. One lady even said that she believed that Judge Masipa “thought beautiful blonde white woman deserved to die.” I was rather shocked at her statement because if anything I believe that the judge made the best decision that she could with the evidence handed to her by the prosecution. When I pointed this out to her the reaction was ” nah I get this in USA black women hate you from the moment you walk in the room”

Tweet 1

Eventually another user joined the foray and promptly asked all his followers to block me because “A fm fallen for Oscar the gunman. His previous girlfriend Samantha mother wrote how terrifying: MUTE”

Tweet 3

Although the verdict has created a divide even in South Africa, I don’t think we as a nation realized the light that it has cast on South Africa and its big problem with violence against women. What message is this sending? Won’t men think they can kill us and simply say it was a mistake? As someone who has spent a lifetime around guns, and understands the gun laws in South Africa I do believe that Pistorius knew what or who he was shooting at while firing  four rounds bullets into the bathroom door that evening. If he had fired one shot and run to see who was behind the door then his story might make sense but four shots is overkill. But even with the lesser charge Culpable Homicide charge Pistorius is still going to serve time in jail, yes it may not be life but he still faces up to 15 years in prison. Do I think it should be more, maybe but it is not my decision to make nor is it the decision of any of the newly turned legal experts in the world.


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