Shaving Cream & Toothpaste


While I was catching up on facebook this morning I was reminded about an incident that I was the main instigator of during my Grade 8 year in boarding school.

It involved lots of shaving cream, toothpaste, espionage and cunning on the part of the hostel girls. But first let me explain, I decided to go to high school in East London to a great school called Hudson Park, unfortunately the high school didn’t have its own hostel yet so the few students who required boarding joined the already established primary school hostel. Having been at hostel since Grade 1 it didn’t take long to settle in and there were a few girls from the district that I grew up in that where in the hostel as well. There was one other high school girl in the hostel with me, while we got along to an extent we never were that close.

Needless to say, her and I were generally the ring leaders when it came to getting up to mischief. One afternoon before everyone went home for the weekend we hatched a plan to pull a rather complex prank on the boys dorms. All the girls where to go home and bring back to hostel either a can of shaving cream or extra toothpaste. And the plan was to split up into 3 groups (there were three boys dorms) and each group would have to find away into the dorms and shaving cream or toothpaste as many boys as possible.

OMG did we take this seriously, we cased out the boys dorms, tested all the steps to see which ones made noise (all the girls dorms were upstairs) so we could avoid waking up the hostel master and his wife. We even found a way to slink around the hostel walls to make sure we didn’t activate the motion sensor lights when making our way across the certain courtyards. We thought that we had a well oiled plan! So on the Tuesday night, (why we chose a Tuesday night and not a Thursday night I have no idea, at least if we had chosen a Thursday night we would be going home the next day) and we split into our groups. The other high school girls took the first group into the younger boys dorms, I took the older boys and another took the intermediate dorm. What could go wrong right?

Well, a lot as we soon found out, instead of following through with the plan, the girls went wild, setting off the motion sensor lights, one fell down the stairs but we succeeded in finishing the shaving cream and the toothpaste and hightailed it back to the dorms thinking we had pulled off the prank of the centaury and then disaster struck!

Where were the team that went into the younger boys dorm? Thankfully most of the arrive a few moments later, well all except one. The other high school girl was still missing. being a bit older I have the privilege of having  my own bathroom and from its window you would see the boys dorms. So we went to have a look at what was going on and there across the courtyard I could see her desperately trying to signal to us with her torch. But in all fairness there was very little we could do to help, while busy shaving creaming one of the boys he woke up and chased her into the bathroom and she locked her self in. And he waited for her to come out. So we left her there and went to bed 🙂 In hindsight that is called leaving a fallen man behind but that was not the concern of a 14 year old girl.

Thankfully during the course of the night she managed to escape after the boy fell asleep at the toilet door and she came back to our dorms to tell us what had happened.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think that the boys would go and tattle tale, we really though that they would plan and plot their revenge, we were wrong! At breakfast the next morning, no one said a word to us so we really thought that we had gotten away with it, but it didn’t last long! As we were about to file out of the dining room we were brought down to earth sharply after we were informed that all our parents would be called in and a disciplinary hearing would take place. While not all of the girls where involved in our plan, we were being judged as a collective so I went to the hostel master and I gave him the name of the girls not involved or who had chicken out at the last minute. It didn’t help, so we decided to preempt their strike and tell our parents ourselves…this didn’t work either! Needless to say our parents were not impressed but they handled it rather well, well some of them anyway, all the girls involved where given a official warning (we each got two and then we were out) and the whole mess was put to rest.

In all fairness I felt quite sorry for the boys, they were never able to get us back for covering them in a serious amount of shaving cream and they were constantly reminded of the fact that the girls where one up on the pranking scale. But every now and again during the rest of the year the event was brought up again and relived in its entirety and hilarity. It definitely brought the girls together that year even though we could never look at a bottle of shaving cream the same way again!


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