Is there really a novel in all of us?


A few months ago while I was sitting at work, inspiration struck and I felt my finger begin to type the opening lines of a political thriller that I have always dreamt of writing. While my initial thoughts and the wire frame of the plot played out very well, it dawned on me that I had set myself an enormous task. Not only did the story line encompass political turmoil and suicide but it plunged into the social economics of four separate characters and their cultures. Four people who are dependent on you to make sure that their lives are brought to the forefront of the readers mind allowing each character to actually live for the first time. I have always believed that to make a character believable the writer needs to live and breath them, to be their best friend and feel their pain, otherwise what is the point?

As I sit now, it has been over 3 months since I started my project and I am nowhere closer to seeing this novel take flight but in all fairness its not the writing process that has been blocked, for now life is getting in the way, between work, being a parent, a wife and all in all just getting by day by day has caused enough distractions and assisted me in losing my train of thought. But without my son, husband and my life I wouldn’t have been given the opportunities that I have so I cant complain.

So in a nutshell, the answer is yes! Yes you have a novel to write, characters to create and no two novels can be the same because no two people go through the same experiences in life and no two people have exactly the same story to tell.  Its just a matter of sitting down and letting it pour out, no matter how long it takes!


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