The Mother in Law Factor

Liguori Girls

All throughout my married life, and before that actually, I have heard about the dreaded fable about the “Mother in Law” and the reviled “Daughter in Law”.

These stories are not passed down from generation to generation and are often times scenarios simply concocted by disgruntled individuals. So, as a matter of fairness, I started doing a bit of research on the matter and to my surprise I found a whole website dedicated to dishing the dirt on your Mother in Law and their crazy ways (or MIL as they are now known)

The whole concept of not getting along with ones In Laws is very foreign to me and I was blessed with  amazing MIL and FIL who have been nothing but supporting and loving to me from the first moment I met them. And often my MIL and I share stories about friends who are constantly complaining about their son’s wives and during one conversation it was very clearly explained to me how this sense of familiarity came about. My MIL simply said, “I could immediately tell that you were important to my son, and who am I to judge his decision when I raised him to make the right choices in life.” And I knew how very important my husbands family was to him and I made sure that they became just as important to me!

And the key to any good relationship is Respect. What or who do we have to respect? Everything! But two really important items to keep any relationship on the right path are differences and boundaries. We are not the same people, although we share a star sign. No matter how similar a couple’s backgrounds, there are still going to be ways in which their families are different. Sometimes, however, differences are celebrated.

The other key to our relationship is Compromise. It is hard,sometimes, when we feel that we’re in the right and the other is completely wrong, to even think of compromise. But if you try to keep in mind that there are many different sides to in-law conflicts, it can help you remember that yours is only one perspective.

And the two aspects above can be applied to your Sister in Laws, whether they are marrying your Brother in Law or are your Husbands sister. Also it is not always up to the Daughter in Law to compromise and respect, but as in any relationship, it is a two way street and loyalty is earned and cultivated because family, in the end, is about team work and even though we currently live rather far away from our family, every moment together is cherished.


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