Time to Jump Ship?


Making the decision to change jobs or careers can be rather daunting, especially at the best of times and the current economy doesn’t add to the feeling of unease. But every now and again this becomes very necessary. You can be content and on a high one day, but then the carpet can be ripped out from under your feet as circumstances and situations change and you’re left wondering why everything seems to be going awry!

When you find yourself in this position your first reaction should be to do everything you can to seek a solution to your situation before considering jumping ship. But once you have tried your best and you are still unhappy, the below signs, compiled by Forbes, point to the fact that it may be time to find a new job.

1. You’re Underpaid – Money may not be everything, but you need to pay your bills at the end of the month. You deserve to get adequately rewarded for the work that you do. So, if you know you’re being paid significantly less than you deserve, that can be a very good reason to start looking for new opportunities that’ll actually meet your salary needs.

2. You’re Undervalued – Doing a great job when no one is there to appreciate it (or even recognize it) is terribly demoralizing. We all want to be patted on the back every now and then. And working somewhere where you aren’t getting proper recognition is kind of like being in a relationship without affection or attention – you will likely start to wonder if you are valued or even liked. If you truly aren’t appreciated at your current workplace, it may be time to go somewhere else where your contribution is valued.

3. The Ship is Sinking – When a ship starts to hit rocky seas for an extended period of time it is only natural to start worrying if it will stay afloat. And if you doubt the people steering the ship know what they’re doing, it may be time to get off at the next dock.

4. You’re Not Given the Resources to Do Your Job Well – You know you could do so much more for the organization, but you simply don’t have the tools, equipment, support, or opportunities to do so. This usually doesn’t mean they don’t see your potential, but it may mean that they can’t (or don’t want to) put in the time or money to help you help the company and therefore move forward in your career.

5. You’re Not Learning and Growing – Just like not having the tools or resources to do your work can cause problems, so can having your growth stunted, stalled, or slowed down. If you are not challenged or given opportunities to learn and grow in your job, it may be time to seek employment in an organization that actually will support your personal and career growth.

6. It’s Not the Right Fit – Things change: bosses change, markets change, jobs change, and your life situation changes. What may have been the perfect job before, may not be working anymore. And that’s okay.If you feel your job or career isn’t aligning with your hopes, dreams, goals, and objectives for your life, it’s time for a serious work-life evaluation (which could result in a job change).

For employers who are concerned that their staff maybe wanting to jump ship, have a read of a rather engaging article written by David Hassell, who asks a rather simple question, “If you were told that the only thing stunting the growth of your business was your employee engagement level, would you believe it?”  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231933

In turn employers are directly responsible to ensure that the employees are given the correct tools to complete their tasks and employees are then responsible to ensure that this task is completed as this is their job. Hopefully, in my own life, I can learn to take my own advice 🙂




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