RIP Taegrin Morris


Over the last 48 hours the horrific details regarding the death of 4 year old Taegrin Morris have emerged through the different news outlets. How a mother’s worst nightmare unfolded in in Reiger Park, South Africa, while strapping her children in to her Golf to take them home, they were hijacked. Thankfully her daughter managed to get out of the car to hide behind her mother but as her little boy tried in vain to get out of the seat belt the hijackers sped away and he was dragged behind the vehicle for nearly 8 kilometers resulting in his death!

I have two instances for any parents and a non parent to consider. The first imagine being that mother? Watching your child screaming for your help as he is dragged behind a moving vehicle knowing that your child is about to die in the most gruesome way, seeing his tiny body mutilated by tar!

Secondly imagine that you are Taegrin in the last minutes of his life, imagine the fear that gripped his body as he felt the vehicle move off at a speed and crying for his Mom to save him but all he saw through the immense pain of his head hitting the road is her disappearing around the corner. Imagine feeling every jolt run through his body he was whipped and smashed along the road.

Put yourself into these two instances and I hope that every person who reads this feels the unhindered rage and absolute sense of loss, the loss of life for this gorgeous little boy, the loss of morality that has wreaked havoc in South Africa, the loss grieved by a mother and lastly the loss that this may have been your son or daughter.

All I ask is that you use that rage, use it to show the politicians and criminals that have raped and pillaged this beautiful country that we, as a Nation, will not stand for this anymore, we are tired of seeing our elderly abused, our youth being raped and used as fodder. Even though the media picture attached to this blog requests that the State give him a hero’s funeral, the only way to honour this little boy’s memory is to make sure that this horrific crime doesn’t happen again!

Surely now South Africa, it is time to make a stand?!


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