~The naming game~

What is in a name?!

Life on the Edge

In my travels through Mordor the other day I came across a new automobile dealership, the name was what particularly caught my eye – “Butt Motors”, I thought to myself why on earth would anyone want to purchase a vehicle from a place named after ones rear end??? Surely the name gives a fair indication of the deal you would be getting…. then I thought a little further, Mordor has many such establsihments:

# first you have the “I’m Sorry superstore” – what would you imagine they are sorry about?
# then, “Penal Autoclinic” – what exactly do they intend to treat at this clinic?
# “Assumption Primary school” – surely thats not what we want our children to be learning?

That’s not even mentioning the names bestowed upon various forms of passenger transport, a few noteworthy ones I have seen are:
* “Innconent Blood Transport” – what springs to…

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