The Long Goodbye

On the sandstone steps

On the sandstone steps

Yesterday morning Julian, Daniel and I braved minus 11 temperatures and the overwhelming urge to climb back in to bed to make the long journey back to Dubai. We have just spent 18 days in South Africa on the farm in the Eastern Free State but sadly our time was up and we needed to head back to the real world, ok not that we were staying in Fairy Land, but we have lives to return to.

As we said our good byes we realized that our comings and goings don’t only effect our lives but the lives of our families rather profoundly. Daniel blossomed in the short time we were home, he became a confident young man and he is all of a sudden talking a hind leg off a donkey. This was of course a direct influence from being surrounded by a group of extraordinary people whom he adores. In no particular order his Nena and Papa, Granny and Oupa, Aunty Carmie and his Chanton (like you would say Wonton 🙂

But as we boarded that little prop shaft plane in Bloemfontein it dawned on me that a 10 month absence of these people in our lives is as difficult for them as it is for us. In 18 days we had turned their home upside down and they had become used to the delighted shrieks and gleeful hugs in the morning when Daniel would have his cup of tea and a rusk in bed with Nena. Papa was adored and constantly pestered to go for a ride of the bike, which of course he did, because he loved every moment of it!  And then in an instant the house was quite again, all the cars had been packed away, the heaters had been turned off and Daisy’s house was once again quiet.

And as I sat and watched my husband and my son convers about the chickens and the bike rides with the three German Shepherds following his every step I realize that we are truly blessed to have each of these people in our lives and in actual fact we are very privileged to have our home and that good bye was not actually good bye but it was rather, see you soon because this visit was one visit closer to the day that we are truly home.


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