The Art of the Haircut!


Yesterday I took my toddler for a haircut, yes I took him to get it done. I learnt early on in my life I was no great shakes when it comes to giving haircuts. My first attempt was at the ripe age of 9 when I attempted to cut my own fringe which ended in my mom having to actually cut my hair really short because I had basically cut all my fringe off. About a year later my mom was trimming my hair and I accidently moved my head while she was cutting around my ear and….. she snipped off the tip right ear. (which was super glued back on)

And my third lesson, was inflicted upon another. My very best friend growing up on the farm was my our next door neighbors youngest son, keeping in mind our closest neighbors lived about 3 kilometers away as the crow flies and further by road. But we had similar interests in sport and horse riding and we remained very good friends well in to our University years but due to International living we haven’t seen each other years but one afternoon when we were around 15 his mom, after quite a bit of convincing, allowed me to cut his hair and in all honesty I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say it was a complete disaster,  in the end he had to have the remaining hair shaved off and took ages to grow back. My family have never let me live that incident down.

But back to Daniel and his haircut,  the moment we walked into the salon he had a complete melt down! I tried everything to distract him, the seat he was in even had a steering wheel and there was even a movie playing which distracted him for a little bit of time but all in all he just doesn’t like having his hair cut. 

So I put together a few tips on toddlers and getting their cuts below:

1. Try having your child sit on your or your hubby’s lap. Of course, this may require getting a bit hairy, but a toddler will feel more secure and safe if you are sitting with them.

2. Make sure that you go to the hair dreaser at a time of day that your child is their happiest. Going when your toddler is hungry and in need of a nap, do not attempt a haircut! This will only lead to emotional chaos.

3. While sweets may seem like a good idea, picture this: A lollipop will be covered with hair after the hairdresser starts clipping. Yuck!

4. Plan ahead and bring a small inexpensive toy that your child has never seen before. The novelty of the new toy may only last a few minutes but this might give the stylist the chance to get started and even finish a haircut.

5. If all else fails, the other option is for you to cut your toddlers hair or in my case my hubby will have to do it. I won’t be inflicting my haircutting skills on my toddler any time soon.

All the tears were worth it though, Daniel now loves his haircut, I got no complaints from Hubby and even though I know I will never be an expert at haircutting I’m completely ok with that because, hey I’m lucky enough to know my skills lie elsewhere!


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