Never cut up your husband’s steak!



A couple of weeks ago I decided to buy some whole sale rump and fillet steaks from a South African private distributor in Dubai. I was overly enthusiastic and ordered 6kgs of Rump and 4kgs of Fillet and in all honesty I naively thought the meat would be cut up already.  Also in the order was 20kgs of pork ribs (in all fairness I thought I was ordering 2 boxes), 2kgs of bacon and 4kgs of chicken.  Don’t for one moment think that we are ferocious carnivores,  we do eat a lot of red meat, but not THAT much!

When I picked up the meat I admit that I was quite shocked it was still in its uncarved form straight off the cow. Ok not that bad but you catch my drift.  I was quite shocked by enormity of the meat I had ordered. I drove home shaking my head, wondering what I had gotten myself into! By the time hubby got home I was quite proud of the size of the order and so was he. Until he asked me how we were going to cut it up…… I was pretty stumped! I may have grown up on the farm but I was never asked to butcher any of our meat.

By Saturday the meat was still sitting whole and I decided to take matters into my own hands. Hubby had invited half the neighborhood to watch the Springboks play the World 15 and they were expecting a mountain of freshly cut steaks but hubby has at work and I had no idea where to start. So I enlisted my Uncle Stuart, who is rather experienced on these matters due to his hunting business (he is a professional hunter and a really good one at that

So feeling rather proud of myself I packed all the beautifully cut up steak into the deep freeze called hubby to let him know he didn’t need to worry about the meat, I had taken care of it. I didn’t get the reaction I had expected, he was rather upset with me because I had “taken” his project away from him. Apparently he has spent quite a bit if time researching the correct butchering methods but it blew over and it was forgotten about.

Or was it…..

On Thursday night, (three weeks later) we were asked to supply some of our meat for a braai at a friend’s house, we were happy to do so because we are leaving soon for South Africa and the meat needed to be finished any way. Hubby went down to the freezer and came back up to the lounge rather quickly and had turn a lighter shade of fuming. Out came the first question, why didn’t you just let me butcher the meat in the first place? Which then turned into an hour long heated discussion which bounced between me trying to do him a favour and him trying to tell me that we had by accident used most of the meat without realizing it, which I was not quite sure was my fault (apparently I packed it into the freezer the wrong way).

In the end I agreed not to interfere in the cutting and packing away of the meat in our marriage (but I’m allowed to pay for and collect it) and he admitted that I was acting out of the goodness of my heart. I guess the age old saying “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” can still be applied to modern day and with a twist of pepper and salt that gift horse was rather tasty on the braai!


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