Getting your hand caught in a ceiling fan.

At one point in all of our lives we have done something that we swear we will never do again. Ok, most of the time by the next the next weekend rolls around we do it again but every once in a while there is that one thing that was so stupid, sore or the consequences were far reaching that you make sure you never do it again. 

The December holiday after I matriculated I spent 1 month waitressing at the Morgan Bay Hotel. I can honestly say that we probably partied harder than we worked, ok not probably we did party harder but it was one of the best holidays I had. 

During our time there we worked over lunch and dinner times but the rest of the day we had to ourselves, who could have asked for more! Sun, sand and lots of freedom. I had spent nearly every Christmas of my life at Morgan Bay up until this point and we spent a lot of time with old friends. As the festive season wound down the locals had one last massive party and it was the night before I left, it was time to start my first year at University.  

I always looked at University as a fresh start, I could shed my high school skin and begin a new chapter. No strings or attachments.  Needless to say I was very excited! 

So the last party started with the iconic song “It’s Christmas time again in Morgan Baaay” by Bestie and by 2 am the next morning we were going strong.  At some point the girls were dancing on the tables and I was among them and as my favourite song came on I gave a bit of a screech and threw my hands in the air only to feel a large thump and a serious amount of pain as my right hand got caught in the ceiling fan. 

Oh the pain! My thumb was hit the worst and was already turning blue! By the next morning I honestly thought my thumb was going to fall off. 

By the time I arrived at University a week later my hand was a right sight. And funnily enough I had chosen to go to a very traditional University where we where made to attend informal socials with male hostels and every social I went to I was asked “Wat op aarde het jy aan jou hand gedoen” (translation = What on earth did you do to your hand) eventually I was so tired of dragging my “past” back into what was supposed to be my fresh start. 

That all changed though when one evening one of the men’s hotels send their first years to serenade us girls and a young man knelt down before me and as he started to sing “Lady in Red” the first thing I noticed was that he had no front teeth!! 

During his December holidays he knocked his front teeth out during a touch rugby session and his seniors took his false teeth away from him during his initiation week. 

I then realised that my black thumb was merely a drop in the ocean compared to what some people are going through.  

Needless to say, to this day I have not danced on a table again and made sure that if I did throw my hands in the air there were no ceiling fans in sight! 


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