My poor (rich) country.


So this morning I had a few moments between two meeting and I took advantage of the time to catch up on the current news in South Africa and low and behold the first heading was “Heard the one about the municipality that bought laptops from a petrol station?” According to the City Press a Limpopo municipality has procured laptops from a filling station registered in the name of a councillor’s son while another has paid a company R700 000 for recording a single disciplinary session.

While Im sure that these kind of headlines don’t surprise South African’s any more, some find them quite amusing as if to think OMG what next? While I lived in Cape Town I spent some time working with the municipal branches of the government and one particular department was notorious for corruption but the cherry on the cake for me was when I found out that their procurement department had paid 1,2 Million Rand (approximately USD 100 Thousand) for a fax machine that retailed for around R250 (14 USD) members of the procurement department pocketed the balance of the cash.

But my question really is, “When did South African’s become so desensitized to the crime that runs rife and rampant through the country? When did corruption, rape and murder become an every day topic that could be glossed over?

Some people might react, “Well, you don’t live in the country so why do you care?” and my answer to that is simply because in a few years time I will be living in South Africa because it is our home and my family have lived there since the 1820’s. It might not be as long as some other families but so what Im an African and you can take the lady out of Africa but there is not way you will take Africa out of this lady!


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