Bermuda Triangle School Drop off (On Crutches)


At the moment I have been on crutches for over two months, but the last month and a half have been rather difficult because I haven’t been allowed to walk on my left leg. During a practice session of hockey (field) one evening I managed to cause rather extensive damage to my knee which resulted in 1 tendon and 3 muscles needing to be reconstructed. My doctor calls me the walking Bermuda Triangle. I was not amused at first but it was better than being called Fluffy (The tendon that I shredded looked like cotton candy on the MRI) at least Bermuda Triangle was intimidating 🙂

Any way after my surgery it took a while before I was ready to do the morning school drop off, I had a lot of help from my mom and our wonderful house keeper. But after Mom went home it was down to me to get Daniel to school because hubby started work at sparrow fart. Because I physically cant stand it was difficult for me to get Daniel in and out of the car so I roped in our house keeper and very second morning we are heading off to school. I am generally dressed as the picture above, minus the high heels!

What I was rather surprised about is how many Mom’s where horrified that I would allow my little one to be “dropped” off by any one other than the child’s parent. Poor Florence was being given the look of death as her and Daniel skipped off to the class room. What most of those moms didn’t realize was that I was hobbling along right behind them to say my good byes. And when they connected the dots that we were all together, I got the look of sympathy and the fake, “Oh you poor thing”.  

My general point here is that people are so quick to jump to conclusions and that not all parents can fire on all cylinders 100% of the time, especially parents who are working and already have the guilt session they rain down on themselves. The last thing they need is to be made to feel guilty by other parents who have no idea what is going on in their lives.

A few months ago in the 7 Days (a newspaper in Dubai a lady wrote a letter to the newspaper stating that working couples should refrain from having children branding them as “Selfish” but as far as I am concerned Maggie Warrell hit the nail on the head with her article (

She wrote that the trade off is inevitable and its how we learn to make sure that your trade off is what keeps you happy!

In the long run you are teaching your sons and daughters there is more to life than getting married, having children and living through them for the rest of your life!


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