Ramadan Announcement

Public holidays in Dubai 2014 – What's On.

Yesterday afternoon after work I opened a handout that was listing the information for a number of Summer Camps for kids during the summer holidays. Out of interest sake I wanted to compare the prices to the prices offered from the various nurseries in Dubai. As a working mom, I am acutely aware that my son and I do not spend enough time together during the week so I generally look forward to Ramadan because it means I get home a bit earlier. This year we are going to be spending most of the month outside of the country but by the time August arrives the kids are still on holiday and us parents are back to normal working hours.
My question though is, can parents in the Middle East afford to pay an additional AED 4,000.00 over the summer holidays to ensure that their children are occupied and entertained? Can the average Joe whose children need to go to daycare afford this extra expense during the summer holidays?

Not very many people that I know are allowed or can take off a full month of annual leave during this time of the year. But then again I do know of a few people who take both months off. But in all fairness, where does one draw the line with older children spending summer in the Middle East?


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